Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Send a letter to Mary Cheney, the gay daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, about gay marriage

I'm not american, so unfortnately can't influence the US election. However as a citizen of this planet I am concerned that G W Bush and the bunch of money grabbing hypocrites he's surrounded with aren't allowed another four years to plunge this planet deeper in peril.

Interesting advert from Eschaton's blog,
Dick Cheney used his openly-lesbian daughter Mary to woo gay votes and
money for his party. Dick now supports adding anti-gay language to the US
Constitution, yet Mary is still running his re-election campaign for $100k/year. Join us in asking Mary to be a hero, not a traitor, and stand up to Dick.

As I say, I can't vote, but I would like to send Mary a letter of shame to say that the whole world is watching and concerned

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