Thursday, December 11, 2003

I've been Reading Ashok K Banker's adaptation of the Ramayana - an ancient Hindu epic relating how Vishnu incarnated himself on the earth to vanquish the Demon lord Ravanna - very exciting tale, I recommend it highly. Been surfing to do background research and have come across an encyclopedia of mythology

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Interesting page about Eugen Sandow - probably one of the earliest true body builders. Also on the page details of George Hackenschmidt
Some very interesting pages here - a couple with eclectic collections of photographs and bric a brac including dioramas, cameras obscura, strongmen and freaks

Friday, December 05, 2003

Go here to see the tallest virtual building in the world - it's made out of pixel art and is pretty cool. There's also Pixel Map - an never-ending pixel art road movie - You can even join in by downloading a section and creating your own section for the map
I'm looking into Homunculi this afternoon - here's an intro. You can find an online encyclopedia of althings alchemical here. There was a 1916 German silent series of 6 films in which a homonculus in his anger at being artificial takes over a country and tries to take over the world (you can also follow the link at the bottom of the page to see a listing of early sci fi epics.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Interesting article on the history of Old London Bridege

Friday, November 07, 2003 About Henry Raddick: Reviews According to the Register Prince Charles denies being a mystery reviewer that has acheived cult sttus on

Friday, October 31, 2003

mySociety: a VoxPolitics project - this sounds like a good idea - an organisation that wants to develope social/community enhancing Internet-based material
Fox nearly sued itself over 'Simpsons' parody: Matt Groening - The evil empire that is Rupert Murdoch's News corp - probably one of the most pernicious threats to enlightened society shows just how byzantine it's workings are. It's definately ttime that governments of this world clubbed together and taxed the bastard out of existence - it's why he hates the notion of European integration and why he has tried to get a stranglehold on so much of the world's media interests. If there is one person who is more evil than Bill Gates, it's Rupert Murdoch
Dramatic recovery of stolen Mayan artifact - a Mayan altar, which was stolen two years ago has been recovered from the looters who were trying to sell it to local drug barons. Sounds like the plot of an action movie - though I guess there would be lots of gore and spookiness attached
Some people will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame!! - some weird guy failed to beat his own world record for clipping clothes pegs to his face. The record standss at 153 though he could only manage to get 150 on his face yesterday. Word of caution - it's probably not a good idea to do this after having just used Botox

Thursday, October 30, 2003

bluejackQ with a Q - this sounds like a great new sport - sending anonymous phones by bluetooth to anyone in the vicinity -

Friday, October 24, 2003

One-Term President Now I find this ever so heartwrming and reassuring - an organised campaign to oust the shaved monkey dictator of the US. If there is any justice in this world (which unfortunately I am not convinced there is), they cabal of puppet masters won't be able to have another coup d'etat - but then, as the saying goes a country gets the government it deserves, which unfortunately says about as much about britain as it does about the US

Perhaps someone should start distributing anti-Blair stencils
Do You Believe? A Ghostly Gallery from The American Museum of Photography - This is quite a hoot - lots of early spirit photographs - terrible double exposures and trick shots that look, quite frankly, dreadful and unconvincing

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Fossil find fills evolution gap - - it seems one of the earliest fossilised chondrites - the bridge between invertebrates and vertebrates - basically an blob-like worm with a stiffening rod along its back
Yahoo! News - Israeli Workers Damage Byzantine Site - True to form, the Israeli military set about destroying the remains of a 1,500 year old monastery which was in the way of the jerusalem wall - a razor wire and concrete fence they are busy building around Jerusalem in an attempt to stop suicide bombers.

I would have thought it was obvious that the easiest way to stop the suicide bombers would be to stop acting as they have for the last few years.

How can a nation be allowed to carry on this genocidal destructive behaviour towards their impoverished neighbours?

Did the Berlin Wall ever achieve anything apart from being the symbol of East German oppression - Does Isreal think it's crown of thorns will be any different???

I pity all innocent victims on both sides of the river Jordan, howevermaking a fence, destroying archaeological sites and commiting random acts of genocide will not prevent further violence happening, they will make it more likely
Dutch Cargo Ship Find Gives Clue to Roman Defense A newly discovered Roman boat in Holland has shown that Roman supply boats could sail upstream as well as down...

Previously it was thought that supply boats were cannibalised for building materials but this does not now seem to be the case
Mystery of the mummies solved Someone has discovered the active antibacterial agent used in mummification is an extract from cedar wood. This turns on it's head previously accepted theories that an extract of juniper berries were used

Friday, October 03, 2003

Wan Hu: China's 16th century astronaut A Chinese legend says the first man into space was a guy who strapped giant fireworks and kites to his chair. when the fuses were lit, there was a giant explosion and no trace was ever found of the pilot - wouldn't it be funny if one day they found the remains of a Chinese chair on the moon

Thursday, October 02, 2003

From fairy stories to every man's worst horror story Police in Kenya are trying to arrest some women who chopped of their unfaithful husbands' penises - good on em, I say

Without his manhood at least he will invest all his money on our three children's education and upkeep instead of moving around with other women, one of the wives was quoted as saying by the Kenyan East African Standard newspaper.
From fairy stories to every man's worst horror story Police in Kenya are trying to arrest some women who chopped of their unfaithful husbands' penises - good on em, I say

Without his manhood at least he will invest all his money on our three children's education and upkeep instead of moving around with other women, one of the wives was quoted as saying by the Kenyan East African Standard newspaper.
Albanian boy traded for TV rescued - This could be from a Grimms" Fairy Tale - wonder what the old dears wanted to do - maybe they wanted to fatten the poor little chap up and eat him. I do hope the Father got a magic television in payment for his child
E-spying on your mate? Watch out And if it isn't bad enough coca Cola keeping tabs on you, now you can pay a company to bug your nearest and dearest and track their computer activities. Oh dear, where has the trust gone???
It's the real thing - Coca Cola is watching you! Coke plan to track winners of special cans of coke by using satellite tracking of special cans - Thankfully this little infringement of one's personal liberties is going to be restricted to the US and Canada. It's bad enough that store loyalty cards track our preferences and stores are beginning to target us with things they think we'd like - imagine the position where the manufacturers not only know what you like to buy to eat and drink, but also know where and when you consume it - what next, robot stalkers who jump on you offering you their rubbish products like cyber pushers?
Teenage boy in Wales photographs a meteor burning upThis young lad was out and about with his digital camera and took an amazing photograph which he emailed to NASA for an explanation and became NASA's amateur photograph of the day

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

18th Century Shakespeare forger The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington has a fascinating exhibition around William Henry Ireland, who for a couple of years in the 1790s produced a huge number of forged Shakespeare documents. At first his discoveries provoked a public sensation and he was feted by society and even the Royal Family. His downfall came when he produced a dreadful faked new play and he became a laughing stock. Rather puts one in mind of Thomas Chatterton, who produced similar faked mediaeval poetry around the same time
Guardian Unlimited - For Atlantis, turn right at Cyprus a researcher claims to have found the remains of Atlantis in the Mediterranean between Cyprus and Syria. Sounds interesting, and it certainly could be possible that there are the remains of something there. Researchers are finding more and more evidence of drowned civilisations all round the world, which appear to have been inundated at the end of the last ice age.
Vatican archives: Mussolini wanted Hitler excommunicated - Newly discovered documents in the Vatican secret archive have revealed that Musolini wanted the Pope to excommunicate Hitler because he was worried Hitler might try to annexe a German speaking part of Italy
Tragedy of honour killings - A huge clash of cultures where Kurdish escapees from Iraq in the UK face up to the Westernising influence News - Study into near-death experiences supports theory of a 'sixth sense' How strange, I knew what this article was about before I read it heh heh

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Wired News: Turn Back the Spam of Time Freaky loner sent out millions of spam emails in the hope of buying parts to make a time machine
2,000-year-old carvings dated back to ... 1995 Red-faced archaeologists got it totally wrong when they assumed some druidic carvings were 2.000 years old - they were in fact only 8 years old - d'oh!

Friday, August 29, 2003

Creative Commons - are an open source media portal - they are trying to convince copyright holders to offer their copyrighted material to Internet users for free. An admirable idea, I feel, though let's see if Disney or Sony or Metallica feel the community spirit and joining in. Better ask Satan how the weather's doing - I doubt it's freezing over though. Mind, I guess the frozen head of Walt Disney could hardly say "over my dead body", now, could he... since he doesn't have one

Oh yes, btw it is my avowed intention before I croak to pull the plug and watch his cryogenic juices wash down the plug hole.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hands off our Beeb - loony tory questions the right of the BBC to it's place on the Internet - this is just typical of the loony politicians in this country - the BBC is a world-leading media organisation and all the right-wing idiots that run this country (and I mean you too Mr Blair) can do is suck up to Rupert Murdoch, a candidate for Big Brother if eveer there was one

Monday, August 25, 2003

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Saddam's 'personal wizard' spells out his fate Shades of Lord Voldemort here, apparently Saddam's personal sorceror now predicts his death but is too scred to name himself in case of reprisals - what kind of sorceror can't use magic to protect himself? A fictional one

Friday, August 15, 2003

Finger Head - a nasty, nasty pic,
6 year old bridesmaid horror: "BRAVE bridesmaid Shawnee George made it down the aisle %u2014 despite falling head first out of a wedding car"
Be careful what information is in your word files - An article on New Scientist looks at the the threat to your personal information with information that may be concealed inside Wod files and PDFs - the easy remedy is to turn off track changes, or to do a save as before sending. Also, always password prtect your documents
I've just signed up with the BlogRolling service to manage my Blog links. so far so easy, managed to hook it into my blogger template pretty easily and it even inherited my CSS styles - cool.

I seem to have gone from CSS know-nothing to know-summat - yay - there's hope for me yet - At least I can put expert CSS on my CV and my resume website I'm working on at the moment.

Internet myths - from the BBC website - it looks at the phenomenon of Internet hoaxing where wild rumours spread around the web quite quickly and become established as truth with little or no substantiation. My particular favourites are that
  • In June, the web buzzed with rumours that Powergen, the British gas and electricity company, had chosen an unfortunate domain name for its new Italian division:

  • Many still believe that Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, referred to France and Germany as an "axis of weasels" in the run-up to the Iraq war in March.

Unfortunatley this article also debunks my most cherished myth, that Walt Disney's head is frozen underneath Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyworld - not that is a shame, I've always looked forward to a public melting ceremony
Power outages in the US and Canada - more than 50 million people have been without power since yesterday with an enormous power-outage which has affected the whole of the eastern seaboard. Terrorism has been discounted, but noone seems to know what has been the cause. People have been stuck in lifts, tunnels have been shut, one can only guess how hot it is without any air conditioning, I wonder if it's still chucking it down with rain.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Giant laser transmutes nuclear waste - Scientists have developed a giant laser which can reduce the half life of certain radioactive particles by a factor of one hundred. Not quite an immediate solution to reducing the world's nuclear waste a it takes an enormous amount of electricity to perform this procedure. The scientists reckon it will take at least 30 years to reduce the laser in size and one can only wonder whether it will ever be effective
'Hoon ordered Kelly to go before MPs' - It just gets juicier and more sordid - heads must roll for this. The press are having a field day as more and more evidence emerges of the pressure Dr Kelly was put under
Kelly was 'fount of knowledge' - The Hutton enquiry is well underway and more and more information is fothcoming - what's the betting though that in the end it will just be a white-wash and the enquiry will just blame the journalists and the government will be vindicated?
MacSlash | Steve Jobs Talks With Business Week
US wants to develop Gamma Ray bombs Looks like Ang Lee was a bit early making The Hulk - the thing I didn't like was the way he changed the origin story - I guess he thought it was a bit implausible that the US military would be testing nuclear weapons any more. Well guess again, they're developing Gamma Ray bombs - yippee - bomb suspected terrorists and turn them into rampaging green monsters

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Save Our Short Story Campaign - this is a campaign that highlights the fact that it is very difficult to get collections of short stories published. They will send two short stories to you each month and will be developing an archive website

Monday, August 11, 2003

Ice Man/Native American/Mountain Man Research PageSome more interesting stuff on Oetzi
TECHNIQUES OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION The only reference to Oetzi's sperm-filled rectum I could find on the Internet
Iceman died in pain but not alone [11aug03] - it seems Oetzi the 5,300 year old iceman was out hunting with a friend and got caught up in a territorial skirmish which ended in his being shot and dying - at least that is the latest theory. What, I would like to know, happened about the report of his having ancient sperm in his rectum??

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Downing Street admits Kelly jibe - The fallout from the death of Dr Kelly continues, the spin doctors at No 10 just can't stop their vendetta against poor Dr Kelly - the poor man's not even in the ground yet but still they attack and attack. Talk about when you're in a hole, top digging
Cherie Blair becomes dance club diva Cherie has obviously decided to emulate Yoko Ono who had an unexpected hit earlier this year with Open your box
We've got scaffolders laying siege to the flat - tres annoyng - they started about 8am John and I were just waking up prior to his going to work - I was looking forward to another hour or so of lying in doing nowt vey much - ah well, I suppose it forced me to get up and get on with job hunting

Monday, August 04, 2003

Ahhh, my heart bleeds Margaret Thatcher is a lonely and isolated figure. Perhaps she feels the benefit of all the destruction she wrought on this country during her 13 years of misrule. Hope poodle-blair has read this - perhaps this will be him in a few years "I used to be Prime Minister, you know..."
Tony Blair's a bible-bashing nutcase This article gives some idea why poodle-blair has such a close relationship with that other hypocritical born-again armageddon inducing nutcase in the whit House. they're both religious nuts! There is no place for religious faith in politics - monotheists are always deeply conservative, cannot accept other people's faiths and always think they have exclusive rights to the telephone to the divine mega-being they choose to worship.

Surely in the twenty-first century our plitical leaders are a bit further along the road to enlightenment than Oliver Cromwell and the puritans!!!

Friday, August 01, 2003

City of Shadows This is a great page, with lots of spooky pictures of London - have a look at the Highgate cemetary pages, they're fab!
City of Shadows This is a great page, with lots of spooky pictures of London - have a look at the Highgate cemetary pages, they're fab!

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

How mean can you be?? This is typical of the British way of treating animals better than people. A 90 year old man left £1.1 million to charity rather than his daughters
Blood oozes out of apartment walls - The house that dripped blood is to be found in India
CBC News: Letter arrives a century too late Poor woman writes in the days of Queen Victoria to see if a guy is still alive - He definatley is by the time the letter arrives
Family Continues 87-Year Chain Letter - A Family have kept a tradition of sending a chain letter of recent stories around themselves since 1916

Thursday, July 24, 2003

A New Zealand website asks disturbing questions about American electronic vote rigging - sounds like the shaved monkey may be in power longer than the world can survive
Hasidic Jew's expose Blog causes trouble
Answers to lots of questions
The fall out from the death of Dr Kelly Continues. The evidence Andrew Gilligan gave to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee will not now be published and people are talking openily of Alistair Campbell's departure. Not before time, if only the poodl could be persuaded to go, perhaps we could move on and Labour could rediscover some of the values that have been lost during the reign of Blair and his cronies
There is a court case running at the moment where five transexuals were ejected from a Northamptonshire pub for looking a bit odd report and gallery at this is london
In India, they are having environmental problems with the number of people being cremated. This is a problem because hard-line hindus believe that it is only by burning the corpse and chucking the remains in the river that the sould is released from the cyle of rebirth

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I'm looking into places to download Old Time Radio shows - these are great to play on my iPod. So far, I have found RUSC; The Haunted Studio; Goon Show MP3s; X minus one a sci-fi compendium show; Here's a link to a Webring for radio
I am 81% Evil Genius

I am pure evil. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.

Take the Evil Genius Test at
The goon show depository
A guide to gay moments in the media
Am listening to 'Round the Horne' on BBC7 from the BBC website

A brief introduction to the various characters and stars

Julian and Sandy are famous for their use of Polari. A lexicon of Polari is available here. You can hear some Real audio clips here. Detailed breakdowns of the episodes can be found here and a list of character names. Some Julian and Sandy scripts are available here
My comment in the Have your Say regarding the David Kelly affairThe tragedy, greater even than the loss of a father and husband, is to see that this affair has been used by the government to deflect attention away from the reall issue, that the dodgy dossiers were definately "sexed up" - of that there is no doubt. There is still no evidence of WMDs, the occupation of Iraq is turning into another Vietnam, whilst there is an unreported humanitarian crisis in the last country we "liberate", Afghanistan.

True, the BBC was perhaps less than rigorous in it's report, but in truth, how many people actually heard the 'Today' report?? very few. It was the Government's heavy handed approach which made this the story, not the other way round

It was the vindictive attitude of Alistair Campbell, who is neither elected, nor a civil servant, which caused this row to escalate.

One can't help but think that it suits the anti-democratic tendencies of New Labour very well to attack the BBC which stands as one of the last truly independent news sources in the world.

Yes, the BBC may not have lived up to its highest standards in the way this story was handled, but at least they didn't roll over and play poodle to Blair and his cronies in the way that Blair poodles himself and this country to the unelected president of the United States and his oil-hungry puppet masters.

At the end of this situation, certainly heads should roll, but they should be the heads of those people who chose to name David Kelly - this accountablity goes right to the top level, Mr Blair, you should really consider your position. You have already led this country into a war in which it was unwilling to participate; you and your advisors authorised the release of seriously flawed evidence to support your thirst for war; You and your cronies have wriggled and squirmed to avoid facing the consequences of misleading the country.

This whole affair was built up by the Blair and his cohorts to deflect criticism away from Blair, his anti-democratic tendencies and the lies he has told.

It is now time Blair went - New Labour is now too tainted and a new broom needs to sweep out the moral corruption which in many ways is worse than the sleaze which eventually brought down the previous administration.

Mr Blair, you talk about how history will remember the events of 2003, resign willingly before you end up like Mrs Thatcher deposed and humiliated after too much power drove her past all sanity
US seeks to prove Saddam sons dead or are they...

My posting on the Have your say page: "What proof is there that Uday & Qusay are really dead??

It was reported quite afew weeks ago that one of them had made overtures to the USA to surrender. How do we know that the American's didn't just do a deal - let's not forget the way the American Space Programme was developed and managed by German war criminals after the end of World War II.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility for the American's to have done a deal which gives them access potential intelligence whilst also gaining a huge propaganda coup.

Let's not forget, the commander in chief of the occupying force is not above staging a coup in his own country in order to steal the presidency of his own country. The American junta is not above perpetrating any lies which it thinks will justify it's actions

We are still waiting for evidence to appear proving that there were WMDs what's the hope that there will ever be evidence to prove that the corpses from Mosul really are the people America says they are. "

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Woman dumps man for his online alter ego
Scientists are off to the Black Sea to look at shipwrecks, drowned settlements and investigate whether a theory that the flooding of the Black Sea area by the Meditaerranean at the end of the Ice Age was responsible for the myth of Noah and the Ark
Been chuckling at some of the audacious pictures at Banksy's website - really clever and subversive stuff
Scientists believe they have solved the various conditions that afflicted the Elephant Man
A baby born with 3 arms and 4 legs was born in Zambia recently while conjoined twins were born in India recently

Friday, July 18, 2003

The latest development in REality TV, this time from the states - Queer eye for the straight guy - a group of stereotyped pretty boy ideal-homos give people tips on how to turn themselves into a stereotyped gay man - great, 3 odd years of the fight for equality and all that we've gained is the right to stereotype ourselves as tedious loud high-pitched voiced bitchy queens. Not that there's anything wrong with being that kind of gay man, but there are 3 dimensional gay men too
A guy likes to have pictures taken of his arse in fab locations
Now this guy really is the craziest nutter I've seen he dresses as Peter Pan. Kind of like a poor everyday Michael Jackson. These are the evil people who support his delusion
How's this for vile... Biblical action figures Yuck!!!
Having found stuff yesterday about the Dance of Death, today's little corner of jollity is St Vitus Dance which affected Mediaeval Europe and may have been the inspiration for the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Another name for it is St John's Dance. The story of the pied piper is, of course, famous as a poem by Browning

There's also a dance in Luxembourg which may be related - "Each spring, pilgrims flock to Echternach, Luxembourg, to participate in the town's famed "Dancing Procession." Taking two steps back for every three steps forward, the dancers painstakingly creep toward the grave of St. Willibrord, an Anglo-Saxon missionary who died in A.D. 739. Once there, participants pray for ailing relatives, for Willibrord is the patron saint of patients suffering from movement disorders."

Headless Naked Corpse Found by Castle Frankenstein
Wed Jun 18, 8:22 AM ET
From Reuters

BERLIN (Reuters) - German police were investigating the discovery of a headless body near castle Frankenstein in Germany, a ruin many see as the inspiration for the novel about the mad scientist who made a monster from body parts.

Police said on Tuesday the naked male corpse was found by a couple in a car park in the southwestern town of Darmstadt some two miles from the castle, but added it had probably been moved.

The medieval castle was the birthplace in 1673 of Johann Konrad Dippel von Frankenstein, a controversial alchemist famous for his avid interest in the creation of artificial life. He was also rumored to have experimented with human body parts.

Many say he inspired the character of Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's 1818 novel, itself later the source of countless spin-offs and horror films. Dippel died mysteriously in 1734.

Local police dismissed suggestions of any link between the castle, a popular tourist attraction among gothic thrill-seekers, and the decapitated man as "absurd."
Sounds terrible, might be fun for five minutes Jared might be worth a look
So an obscure 1979 movie of the life of Jesus claims to be the most watched film ever - bet George Lucas is spitting feathers though I bet the special effects aren't up to much

Mind, it's easy to see how it's the most watched movies when you have soul-soliciting pig fuckers roaming the world blackmailing starving people in third world countries to watch the film which has been translated into a multitude of languages.

Now, the perpetrators of this insult to cinematic good taste have dicided to create a video highlighting the similarities to Christianity and Islam. Oh dear, can't you just predict what it will be like... A bunch of patronising holier than thou americans thinking they are making the world a better place by forcing their bigotted narrow world view on the Islamic world.
The dodgy dossier gets dodgier - Dr David Kelly, who gave evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee has vanished and police have just found a body which they haven't yet confirmed as being him. Talk about food for the conspiracy theorists - it's like the plot from a james Bond film - the only question is, who knobbled him, the government/secret services or someone else - what information did he know that he didn't pass on????

Thursday, July 17, 2003

How's this for cheery - Hans Holbein's Dance of Death - I used this as the basis for the design style for an adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death" back when I was in my final year of college. It was also one of the inspirations for Ingmar Bergmann's "The Seventh Seal"

The Dance of Death or Danse Macabre developed during the Middle Ages, when plague was a common visitor; and was used to remind everybody that death was no respecter of rank or privilege and comprised a chain of people dancing in a chain across the land proclaiming their repentance
How's this for strange - this guy likes to take pictures of deserted farms some are very atmospheric though not entirely unlike the gloomy area where I grew up
The results for the 22nd annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest have just been announced

the winner is:
"They had but one last remaining night together, so they embraced each other as tightly as that two-flavour entwined string cheese that is orange and yellowish-white, the orange probably being a bland Cheddar and the white ... Mozzarella, although it could possibly be Provolone or just plain American, as it really doesn't taste distinctly dissimilar from the orange, yet they would have you believe it does by colouring it differently," by Mariann Simms of Alabama

The award is named in honour of British novelist Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, whose 1830 novel Paul Clifford began with the notorious line: "It was a dark and stormy night." Some of the entries have to be read to be believed

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Some Quicktime VR weblogs - 3z's log Peter Murphy's Weblog VRlog
Went to see a preview of the Four Feathers last night - a gung-ho adventure set in the Sudan during the time of the Mahdi's uprising. Not the greatest movie I've ever seen - it would have been interesting if the film's producers had bothered to contextualise the Mahdi's rebellion in the light of present day islamist terrorism as it's arguable that they both had the same root causes - western imperialism in on shape or another, but sadly they didn't
Just been to the dentist - the last of my baby teeth just fell out - can't be bad, it's been with me for 37 years. Unfortunately my butcher of a dentist wants to grind two of my healthy teeth down so he can put in a bridge - I'm not too sure that I'm keen on that idea - I hate going to the dentist at the best of times, let alone the idea of having two helthy teeth killed just to fill in a gap - hmmmm more thought needed here

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Some interesting stuff about the knights Templars to be found here and here
Gruesome gay murder tied up with the production of a movie - sounds like the plot of a movie itself.
Interesting piece in the Guardian today about Polari - for those of you none the wiser, polari was a gay slang from the late nineteenth century which was used right up to the late sixties.

Monday, July 14, 2003

One of my favourite sites has to be Nobody here its very surreal, very arty and very worth a look - look out for the online nasal hair picker and the Teddy Bear's pyramid - I really like the way there's no single narrative line to the site - there are a multitude of paths you can take from page to page - definately cool
Here's quite a fun screensaver - counting sheep at night - I like the sample they've used - sounds like something Moby might make one of his songs out of it Click here
Totally pointless, but I love it - go on, watch the webmaster slap himself
Weird Wide Web of Strange Auctions
The Lord of the Rings Diaries made me chuckle quite a bit - very simple premise - that all the characters in "the Lord of the Rings" are screamers"

My favourite bit is in the entry under Gollum :

"Escaped from Mordor. Have made way to Shire. Am v. disappointed that in last few weeks no one has responded to personal ad placed in Shire Weekly. "Toothless, fetid greenish creature ISO blue-eyed curly-headed hobbit. Must enjoy squatting in darkness, jewelry-fondling, and referring to self in third person. No smokers."
This is a fairly funny comic - some very subtle flash animation - very simple design and story when I am King
Try this Gender test - Claims to be able to work out one's gender every time - sadly, it didn't manage - it thought I was a woman - I guess I was choosing my answers in a bid to confuse it, though
Having a bit of a quiet day at work today, which is good considering the tiring weekend.

Searching for some interesting stuff to post here

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Am off to Cologne for the weekend this weekend for Cologne Pride - I'm sure it's gonna be fun fun fun
Here's a good little site to be getting on with - - it lists a load of interesting places to go and things to do in London

Monday, June 30, 2003

Just added a few of my personal links to the sidebar - my home calendar and my .Mac homepage where I publish my digital photographs

Friday, June 27, 2003

Thankfully, I've found a link to - which debunks that really annoying email which has been filling my email from all my hopeful friends - if anyone reads this, I will shoot them if they dare to send me it again
Hello world - this is my first attempt at making a blog - looking forward to trying it out