Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Secret chamber may hold key to mystery of the Great Pyramid

French researchers using Ground Penetrating Radar claim to have discovered evidence of a third chamber within the Great Pyramid at Giza.

As is often the case with anyone attempting to perform alternative research within Egyptian monuments they have been refused permission to attempt to discover the physical entrance to this chamber.

Is this another case of Pyramidiots with a fringe theory? My personal feeling is there must be more to discover about the pyramid's history, however it's important that people don't just start attacking the structure of the monument just to prove some pet theory. Too many of the world's greatest architectural achievements have been attacked in this way

Locusts invade 'Passion' town

Maybe divine retribution has attacked the town in Italy where Mel Gibson and his merry men fillmed the Passion of the Christ.

It is suffering under its very own plague of locusts

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

War On Want : Campaign against the Wall

Ex Pink Floyd member, Roger Waters, is a signatory to a campaign against the Wall Israel is building around Palestinian territory. More information on the War on Want website

Friday, August 13, 2004

Go Ken Go

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has announced plans to extend the congestion charge westward as far as Shepherd's Bush. Bravo, I say.

having just moved, I'm now living just outside the congestion charge zone but I think it is absolute genius. There is no necessity to use a car if you live in inner London, it is just laziness and arrogance. Anyone that can afford all the other costs inherent in owning/running a car can pay £5 for the pleasure of driving through an overly polluted/gongested city.

There are concerns that this could affect local businesses:
Merrick Cockell, the leader of Kensington & Chelsea council, said the charge could be catastrophic for the area's proliferation of delicatessens, butchers, art shops and design boutiques. 'In five years, we won't have that mix of shopping, which is one of the reasons why people want to live in Kensington and Chelsea.'

Excuse me, these boutiques and delicatessen charge vast sums of money for their produce. I really doubt that anyone using these shops that are too lazy to walk to them in the first place are going find it difficult paying the £5 when they're off to buy some exorbitantly priced clothes from a Chelsea boutique.

In my opinion, the charge should be relative to the size of the car so that all those ignorant bastards who drive 4 by 4's in London, which is absolutely unnecessary, should pay ten times the cost of people driving Smart cars.

Why doesn't he just have done with it

Power mad Home Secretary, David Blunkett has announced plans to make every crime arrestable in the UK. why doesn't he stop pussy-footing around and just arrest everyone and turn the UK into a giant detention camp. Then he should partner with Microsoft to put chips in everyone's heads so that he knows what everyone's thinking and can execute anybody who thinks the wrong things

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Everything's bigger in America

Morbidly obese woman who had not gotten up from her couch for at least six years and had become graftted to it died in the most extreme and bizarre circumstances

Collage Mania

some nice little piccies here

Lewis Carroll Scrapbook Home

The Library of congress has a digitised version of Lewis Carroll's scrapbook online

The Lewis Carrol Scrapbook at the Library of Congress is an original scrapbook that was kept by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Better known as Lewis Carroll, the Victorian-era children’s author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871), Dodgson was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Oxford. The scrapbook contains approximately 130 items, including newspaper clippings, photographs, and a limited number of manuscript materials, collected between 1855-72. A timeline, authored by Edward Wakeling, former chairman of the Lewis Carroll Society, helps to place materials found in the scrapbook in their proper context.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

There really was a Willy Wonka

Roald Dahl corresponded with a postman in America called Will Wonka

Monday, August 02, 2004

The Breakup Style of PowerPoint

Is Powerpoint culture toblame for people dumping their partners by email?