Thursday, June 24, 2004

Archdruid wants Stonehenge back

Oh dear, oh dear, not again

Robyn Lewis, the new Archdruid of Wales wants Stonhenge back. These stupid people who flounce about in bedsheets with the reinvented nonsensical notions of ancient celtic practice are just idiots.

He compares stonehenge to the elgin marbles, the stupid arse - the Elgin marbles were a work of art which were pillaged from their original location by colonialists. The blue Preseli stones only assume the status of being art by virtue of their being part of Stonehenge which was built in Wiltshire. Also Preseli stones are only a part of the original; does this poor deluded fool think he has a right to the English stones to.

No doubt it will all be dismissed as a joke, or a sad publicity stunt for the Natinal Eisteddfod of Wales. Either way it is pathetic and the stupid man should just shut up and put the bedsheets back on the bed and stop acting like he thinks he's the Grand Dragon of the Welsh chapter of the KKK

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