Friday, August 29, 2003

Creative Commons - are an open source media portal - they are trying to convince copyright holders to offer their copyrighted material to Internet users for free. An admirable idea, I feel, though let's see if Disney or Sony or Metallica feel the community spirit and joining in. Better ask Satan how the weather's doing - I doubt it's freezing over though. Mind, I guess the frozen head of Walt Disney could hardly say "over my dead body", now, could he... since he doesn't have one

Oh yes, btw it is my avowed intention before I croak to pull the plug and watch his cryogenic juices wash down the plug hole.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hands off our Beeb - loony tory questions the right of the BBC to it's place on the Internet - this is just typical of the loony politicians in this country - the BBC is a world-leading media organisation and all the right-wing idiots that run this country (and I mean you too Mr Blair) can do is suck up to Rupert Murdoch, a candidate for Big Brother if eveer there was one

Monday, August 25, 2003

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Saddam's 'personal wizard' spells out his fate Shades of Lord Voldemort here, apparently Saddam's personal sorceror now predicts his death but is too scred to name himself in case of reprisals - what kind of sorceror can't use magic to protect himself? A fictional one

Friday, August 15, 2003

Finger Head - a nasty, nasty pic,
6 year old bridesmaid horror: "BRAVE bridesmaid Shawnee George made it down the aisle %u2014 despite falling head first out of a wedding car"
Be careful what information is in your word files - An article on New Scientist looks at the the threat to your personal information with information that may be concealed inside Wod files and PDFs - the easy remedy is to turn off track changes, or to do a save as before sending. Also, always password prtect your documents
I've just signed up with the BlogRolling service to manage my Blog links. so far so easy, managed to hook it into my blogger template pretty easily and it even inherited my CSS styles - cool.

I seem to have gone from CSS know-nothing to know-summat - yay - there's hope for me yet - At least I can put expert CSS on my CV and my resume website I'm working on at the moment.

Internet myths - from the BBC website - it looks at the phenomenon of Internet hoaxing where wild rumours spread around the web quite quickly and become established as truth with little or no substantiation. My particular favourites are that
  • In June, the web buzzed with rumours that Powergen, the British gas and electricity company, had chosen an unfortunate domain name for its new Italian division:

  • Many still believe that Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, referred to France and Germany as an "axis of weasels" in the run-up to the Iraq war in March.

Unfortunatley this article also debunks my most cherished myth, that Walt Disney's head is frozen underneath Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyworld - not that is a shame, I've always looked forward to a public melting ceremony
Power outages in the US and Canada - more than 50 million people have been without power since yesterday with an enormous power-outage which has affected the whole of the eastern seaboard. Terrorism has been discounted, but noone seems to know what has been the cause. People have been stuck in lifts, tunnels have been shut, one can only guess how hot it is without any air conditioning, I wonder if it's still chucking it down with rain.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Giant laser transmutes nuclear waste - Scientists have developed a giant laser which can reduce the half life of certain radioactive particles by a factor of one hundred. Not quite an immediate solution to reducing the world's nuclear waste a it takes an enormous amount of electricity to perform this procedure. The scientists reckon it will take at least 30 years to reduce the laser in size and one can only wonder whether it will ever be effective
'Hoon ordered Kelly to go before MPs' - It just gets juicier and more sordid - heads must roll for this. The press are having a field day as more and more evidence emerges of the pressure Dr Kelly was put under
Kelly was 'fount of knowledge' - The Hutton enquiry is well underway and more and more information is fothcoming - what's the betting though that in the end it will just be a white-wash and the enquiry will just blame the journalists and the government will be vindicated?
MacSlash | Steve Jobs Talks With Business Week
US wants to develop Gamma Ray bombs Looks like Ang Lee was a bit early making The Hulk - the thing I didn't like was the way he changed the origin story - I guess he thought it was a bit implausible that the US military would be testing nuclear weapons any more. Well guess again, they're developing Gamma Ray bombs - yippee - bomb suspected terrorists and turn them into rampaging green monsters

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Save Our Short Story Campaign - this is a campaign that highlights the fact that it is very difficult to get collections of short stories published. They will send two short stories to you each month and will be developing an archive website

Monday, August 11, 2003

Ice Man/Native American/Mountain Man Research PageSome more interesting stuff on Oetzi
TECHNIQUES OF CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION The only reference to Oetzi's sperm-filled rectum I could find on the Internet
Iceman died in pain but not alone [11aug03] - it seems Oetzi the 5,300 year old iceman was out hunting with a friend and got caught up in a territorial skirmish which ended in his being shot and dying - at least that is the latest theory. What, I would like to know, happened about the report of his having ancient sperm in his rectum??

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Downing Street admits Kelly jibe - The fallout from the death of Dr Kelly continues, the spin doctors at No 10 just can't stop their vendetta against poor Dr Kelly - the poor man's not even in the ground yet but still they attack and attack. Talk about when you're in a hole, top digging
Cherie Blair becomes dance club diva Cherie has obviously decided to emulate Yoko Ono who had an unexpected hit earlier this year with Open your box
We've got scaffolders laying siege to the flat - tres annoyng - they started about 8am John and I were just waking up prior to his going to work - I was looking forward to another hour or so of lying in doing nowt vey much - ah well, I suppose it forced me to get up and get on with job hunting

Monday, August 04, 2003

Ahhh, my heart bleeds Margaret Thatcher is a lonely and isolated figure. Perhaps she feels the benefit of all the destruction she wrought on this country during her 13 years of misrule. Hope poodle-blair has read this - perhaps this will be him in a few years "I used to be Prime Minister, you know..."
Tony Blair's a bible-bashing nutcase This article gives some idea why poodle-blair has such a close relationship with that other hypocritical born-again armageddon inducing nutcase in the whit House. they're both religious nuts! There is no place for religious faith in politics - monotheists are always deeply conservative, cannot accept other people's faiths and always think they have exclusive rights to the telephone to the divine mega-being they choose to worship.

Surely in the twenty-first century our plitical leaders are a bit further along the road to enlightenment than Oliver Cromwell and the puritans!!!

Friday, August 01, 2003

City of Shadows This is a great page, with lots of spooky pictures of London - have a look at the Highgate cemetary pages, they're fab!
City of Shadows This is a great page, with lots of spooky pictures of London - have a look at the Highgate cemetary pages, they're fab!