Thursday, March 22, 2007

Authors campaign to save Britain's only gay bookshop | News | Guardian Unlimited Books

Many many years ago, Gay's the word was just about the only shop in London that stocked any kind of gay title. Nowadays, with the Pink Pound an essential target market for the like of Waterstones and Borders, traditional old-style bookshops are at risk

Gay's The Word, which has been selling books in Bloomsbury, central London, since 1979, is hoping to secure its future by raising £20,000 to pay the rent, building a strong internet presence and beefing up community activities.

American novelist Edmund White, author of A Boy's Own Story, said: "It's a shop that keeps gay titles on the shelves for years in a way no regular bookshop, even one with a gay section, would ever do. The staff know the books and can give advice. It would be very sad to see it go."

Tusked away in a quiet corner fo Bloomsbury, it's easy to forget that it was once an essential location for the gay men and women of London. It would be a terrible shame for it to go out of business, though if noone uses it then what is the point of it?

If everyone went to the shop and bought a book, they'd surely be able to continue in business, so that's what I'm going to do - visit the shop and buy a book