Monday, April 04, 2005

When cometh the day ...

... that I take over the world, I can assure you the programming team of word will be hunted down and sent to the salt mines of Siberia for unadulterated incompetence and causing the daily misery that is trying to use Word for anything longer than one side of A4.

Unfortunately, the place where I'm working currently insists on doing everything in Word, but most particularly long long boring pitchbooks with millions of numered headings, subheading, points and sub-points, bullets, sub-bullets and so on ad infinitum.

Why is it after all these years Microsoft Word cannot managed to keep a list of bullets consistent from one paragraph to another?

I've been formatting pages and pages of the bloody things, and from one paragraph to another, Word changes the size of the bullet points.

As if that isn't enough, the author of this dreadful report also insists on using list numbering as well as heading numbering. The list numbering has to start from 1 everytime it is envoked. Try telling Word that. Restarting numbering half way down my document just wrecked all my formatting for the entire document.

I tell you this much, had I been at Buckingham Palace the other week, I would have used the Queen's sword to much better effect than to knight Bill Gates, I'd have frogmarched him to the nearest computer and forced him to sit there formatting a 100 page document in Word to my satisfaction.

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