Thursday, April 28, 2005 Is your MP working for you in the UK's Parliament?

This is a great site for anyone who wants to check up on their MP and see how they performed in the last Parliament.

It's no secret, I want want Labour to be hammered this time. It's not just because of the the war in Iraq, though let's be honest, that's reason enough; it's not just because of that sneering liar Tony Blair; nope, it's more to do with the fact of having a cabal of tories running what was formerly a socialist party for the ordinary people.

I particularly would like to see regime change in my local constituency where I would like to see Kate Hoey replaced by Charles Anglin, the candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

Now this represents an enormous change of tack for me. I always said a vote for the Lib Dems was a wasted vote, but now they are the only party I can bring myself to vote for. There is absolutely nothing could induce me to vote Conservative, this country is still reeling from the damage they inflicted on it and Michael Howard is just Loathsome.

Anyway, back to Ms Hoey, who should be ousted by the good burghers of Vauxhall. Back in 1997, she made an impassioned plea for support at Duckie in Vauxhall stating very clearly that she supported gay rights and she was going to vote to end fox hunting. She has a poor record of voting ongay-related issues, frequently being absent during votes and she has been vociferously against the ban on fox hunting. Just two reasons why I want her out.

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