Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The plot thickens

So it now appears the BBC knew as far back as January that Christopher Ecclestone only intended to do the first series of Doctor Who and never intended to come back for a scond season and had entered into an agreement not to reveal this fact.

Presumably this was in the hope that there would be genuine shock at the end of episode 13 which is when, one would assume, the Doctor is injured in such a way that leads him to regenerate.

Presumably the BBC rushed a press statement once the press got hold of the story of Ecclestone leaving

Head of drama and commissioning Jane Tranter said: "The BBC regrets not speaking to Christopher before it responded to the press questions on Wednesday 30 March.

"The BBC further regrets that it falsely attributed a statement to Christopher and apologises to him."

A BBC spokesman said a mutual agreement was made between the corporation and Eccleston in January that the fact he was not making a second series would not be made public.

But after journalists questioned the press office, the news was confirmed.

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