Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Whose side is Dick Cheney on?

Not content that Donald Rumsfeld dropped the bomb a few days ago that he'd never seen any evidence linking Al Quaeda with Iraq, Dick Cheney in an attempt to bypass allegations about his ties to Halliburton directed people to when he really meant to direct people to Now this wouldn't normally have been a problem excepte the the redirects the browser to George Soros' website with a huge banner announcing "Why we must not re-elect President Bush"
President Bush ran on the platform of a ‘humble’ foreign policy in 2000. If we re-elect him now, we endorse the Bush doctrine of preemptive action and the invasion of Iraq, and we will have to live with the consequences. As I shall try to show, we are facing a vicious circle of escalating violence with no end in sight. But if we repudiate the Bush policies at the polls, we shall have a better chance to regain the respect and support of the world and to break the vicious circle.

Soros' website claims it is not responsible for the redirect, but I'm sure George Soros must be rubbing his hand in glee at the vice-President's mistake. Handy too as Soros is embarking on a nationwide tour to talk about how the wr in Iraq is making America less safe

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