Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The lying liars keep up with their lies

So despite the fact that the report quite clearly states that there were no WMDs in Iraq, Blair and Straw are attempting to spin it that he was a greater menace than previously imagined. The logic of it goes like this

The Iraq Survey Group report published on Wednesday said Saddam was "doing his best" to get round the sanctions, according to Tony Blair.

He said Saddam "never had any intention of complying with UN resolutions."

Mr Blair said the report made clear that there was "every intention" on Saddam's part to develop WMD.

Which translates as "he had no weapons, but would have liked some weapons therfore he was a greater threat than if he had had the weapons in the first place"

Jack Straw takes a similar approach:
Earlier, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the report showed Saddam posed a bigger threat than previously imagined.

It was now no surprise the Iraq Survey Group had found no WMD, he said.

But Mr Straw, speaking in Baghdad, said "the threat from Saddam Hussein in terms of his intentions" was "even starker than we have seen before"
So by this logic, the fact that I harbour fantasies about ruling the world means that there is a very good possibility that Blair will send in the army.

Why don't these useless liars just admit they lied. Blair claims he wants to win the trust of the British people back; how, by spinning more lies for us. How stupid does he think we are.

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