Thursday, September 16, 2004

BBC 'should sell radio archive'

When I first read this on the BBC News site, my head nearly exploded with anger at the thought of a commercial operator getting to own the BBC radio archive. What the article is really about is a suggestion by the head of Ofcom that the BBC should sell the rights to broadcast material from the radio archive to independent digital radio stations.

I suppose this is intended to stimulate the development of speech radio on DAB as oneword hasn't exactly set the world on fire.

It seems a bit of a lazy suggestion to me; stimulate the attractiveness of the BBC's rival by selling it repeats of BBC material. Surely, if oneword is lagging it is because its programming isn't very good and they should build up their own quality archive. Isn't the proliferation of channels supposed to be about increasing choice etc. oneword should get commissioning new material of their own

I've just been to it's website and, surprise surprise, they actually broadcast over the Net in streaming MP3 format - the high quality one seems to break up a bit, but otherwise it works - a definate plus point against the BBC who broadcast in Real and Microsoft format but not in AAC, which is afterall an open source, non-proprietary format

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