Wednesday, July 23, 2003

My comment in the Have your Say regarding the David Kelly affairThe tragedy, greater even than the loss of a father and husband, is to see that this affair has been used by the government to deflect attention away from the reall issue, that the dodgy dossiers were definately "sexed up" - of that there is no doubt. There is still no evidence of WMDs, the occupation of Iraq is turning into another Vietnam, whilst there is an unreported humanitarian crisis in the last country we "liberate", Afghanistan.

True, the BBC was perhaps less than rigorous in it's report, but in truth, how many people actually heard the 'Today' report?? very few. It was the Government's heavy handed approach which made this the story, not the other way round

It was the vindictive attitude of Alistair Campbell, who is neither elected, nor a civil servant, which caused this row to escalate.

One can't help but think that it suits the anti-democratic tendencies of New Labour very well to attack the BBC which stands as one of the last truly independent news sources in the world.

Yes, the BBC may not have lived up to its highest standards in the way this story was handled, but at least they didn't roll over and play poodle to Blair and his cronies in the way that Blair poodles himself and this country to the unelected president of the United States and his oil-hungry puppet masters.

At the end of this situation, certainly heads should roll, but they should be the heads of those people who chose to name David Kelly - this accountablity goes right to the top level, Mr Blair, you should really consider your position. You have already led this country into a war in which it was unwilling to participate; you and your advisors authorised the release of seriously flawed evidence to support your thirst for war; You and your cronies have wriggled and squirmed to avoid facing the consequences of misleading the country.

This whole affair was built up by the Blair and his cohorts to deflect criticism away from Blair, his anti-democratic tendencies and the lies he has told.

It is now time Blair went - New Labour is now too tainted and a new broom needs to sweep out the moral corruption which in many ways is worse than the sleaze which eventually brought down the previous administration.

Mr Blair, you talk about how history will remember the events of 2003, resign willingly before you end up like Mrs Thatcher deposed and humiliated after too much power drove her past all sanity

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