Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yahoo! News - Israeli Workers Damage Byzantine Site - True to form, the Israeli military set about destroying the remains of a 1,500 year old monastery which was in the way of the jerusalem wall - a razor wire and concrete fence they are busy building around Jerusalem in an attempt to stop suicide bombers.

I would have thought it was obvious that the easiest way to stop the suicide bombers would be to stop acting as they have for the last few years.

How can a nation be allowed to carry on this genocidal destructive behaviour towards their impoverished neighbours?

Did the Berlin Wall ever achieve anything apart from being the symbol of East German oppression - Does Isreal think it's crown of thorns will be any different???

I pity all innocent victims on both sides of the river Jordan, howevermaking a fence, destroying archaeological sites and commiting random acts of genocide will not prevent further violence happening, they will make it more likely

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