Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thornborough henges are saved for the nation

Tarmac was defeated in its bid to destroy the landscape around the Thornborough Henges, three large-scale earthworks which have survived since 5,000BCE in the Vale of York.

Of course, they played the usual corporate trick of saying jobs were threatened as well as the fate of the building industry

Tarmac's estates manager Bob Nicholson said the firm was deeply disappointed by a decision which could put 50 jobs at risk. He also warned of serious implications for the supply of sand and gravel to the construction industry and said the company would appeal against the decision. The quarrying did not threaten the actual henges which are scheduled national monuments.

Amazing - when he says the henges would not have been threatened, he failed to mention that many of the neaolithic burial sites would have been destroyed, along with the landscape which puts the monuments into context.

Evil evil corporate bastards

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