Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More on the Thornbororugh henges

One wonders whether Tarmac has thought through its attitude to their planned destruction of the landscape around the Thornborough Henges - can they not see they might be embarking on a massive PR own-goal??

Tarmac has said it plans to appeal the decision, claiming that much of the history conservationists have cited in Thornborough's protection amounts to nothing more than myth.
However, the problem for the company is that any appeal would mean a public inquiry - and it is in the public arena, rather than in the offices of developers and planners, that the case has been most persuasively put for preserving the henges.
Tarmac raised concerns over local unemployment if its application failed. But any loss in quarrying work will be regained through the guides, meals and beds that come with increased visitors, as nearby York and Harrogate know very well.

I hope their share price plummets through the floor for this - advice to anyone who owns shares in Tarmac - dump them and then tell them why

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