Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hours of fun and laughter for your children

What do you get the child who has everything??

How about a doll that simulates a baby hooked on drink and drugs and goes through nightly cold turkey.

"The dolls simulate the appearance of babies born with foetal alcohol syndrome and addicted to drugs
They shake and scream as they go through withdrawal and teenagers in the area will be asked to look after them single handedly for two nights…

… Linda Porter, from the charity on Teesside, said: "They are very much thinner than the normal baby doll, the chest is very caved in and internal organs are a lot smaller and the drug baby goes through withdrawal symptoms …

… Ms Porter said: "The teenagers beg quite often but the dolls can't be turned off.

"You can tell young people many times about the effects of drugs and drink and then they are given these babies and see the effects for themselves."

Sounds like a laugh a minute. Guess we won't be needing tiny tears any more

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