Thursday, August 03, 2006


It looks like there may be another undiscovered tomb in the Valley of the Kings and speculation is mounting that it might contain one of the missing royal mummies from the Amarna Perios - Akhenaten or Nefertiti - how amazing woulod that be??
From its location this tomb could prove to be a find of the greatest possible significance. By inference from the neighbouring tombs KV62 (Tutankhamun) and KV63 I believe it is likely to represent yet another burial of immediate post-Amarna date - not impossibly home to one or more of the missing Amarna dead about whom I first speculated in 1997 and to whose actual existence KV63 now points. Situated in a part of the Valley which was out of bounds to earlier excavators, moreover, the new find is almost certain to be undisturbed.

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