Monday, January 23, 2006

Foul, stinking evil man should keep his mouth shut and his nose out fo British broadcasting

Evil media tycoon, Rupert Murdoch has once again stuck the knife into the BBC saying he doesn't think they should have a license fee increase

'Take News 24, it's fine but it's free. We struggled for years and made a small charge and we've also had to go free. In any other country, that is predatory competition.
But when asked whether he feared a fully-funded BBC was a threat to News Corporation he said: "No, but I don't know where it stops..,

But former BBC director general Greg Dyke told Five Live Mr Murdoch would never understand the concept of a state-funded broadcaster.

"Australians and Americans have difficulty understanding the BBC, that we should collect two and a half-billion pounds in a sort of poll tax to fund a broadcasting system," he said.

"They don't understand it and Murdoch will never get it in a million years. He'll never concede that actually what it's produced is a better broadcasting system here that you get in the United States or in Australia."

Actually, he pulled his punch, the truth is that murdoch hates anyone and anything that get in the way of his monopolistic money grabbing ventures.

So Rupert if you're so against the poor British public paying a tax to watch telly, why don't you give away sky for free instead of charging everyone who watches sky for the sports channels even if theydon't like sport

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