Monday, January 10, 2005

Kids discussing games from yesteryear

Very funny piece in which kids of today play with classic games from the eighties and give their thoughts on them. Some absolutely classic quotes
Bobby: I'm gonna eat your momma.
Anthony: If Mike Tyson was in this game, his special move would be to bite people's ears. Then he'd be all gloating about it, but then the sound's all low because you can't hear him because your ears are gone. [Points at the next opponent, Von Kaiser] That's Mike Tyson, and he's trying to bite off your ear.
Garret: That's not Mike Tyson. Are you kidding me? Mike Tyson does not have a handlebar moustache, and he's not white.

EGM: Do you feel like you're in the middle of the Star Wars universe right now?

Everybody: No.

Parker: It feels like we're in some barely 3D universe.

Bobby: Maybe it feels like we're in the Star Wars universe where you can't see that well.

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