Tuesday, November 02, 2004

And still the idiots buy Windows

An article that is music to any Mac-head's ears - Mac OS X is the safest Operating system on the planet. As if we needed to know.
The most comprehensive study ever undertaken by the mi2g Intelligence Unit over 12 months reveals that the world's safest and most secure 24/7 online computing environment - operating system plus applications - is proving to be the Open Source platform of BSD (Berkley Software Distribution) and the Mac OS X based on Darwin. This is good news for Apple Computer whose shares have outperformed the benchmark NASDAQ, S&P and Dow indices as well as Microsoft by over 100% in the last six months on the back of revived sales and profits. The last twelve months have witnessed the deadliest annual period in terms of malware - virus, worm and trojan - proliferation targeting Windows based machines in which over 200 countries and tens of millions of computers worldwide have been infected month-in month-out.

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